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May 14 '13

Enter Online Sweepstakes in Less Time

As you all know I love sweepstakes but we all have to admit that entering can be a little time consuming. After all you have to fill out all kinds of forms over and over again. And of course, you need to find the ones that you’d like to enter.

Until last week I’ve been using various directories that very old school looking, have no pictures, and are littered with ads. Now I enter sweepstakes at Sweepstakes!Max, which is a new website in the online sweepstakes space. It has many advantages.

First, it makes it super easy to browse the latest sweepstakes and lets you filter them by category, entry type, country, and more. You can also choose from various sort option.

Furthermore, it shows you screenshots of the actual giveaway pages. So you can quickly get a feel for how the site looks like and if you even want to enter such online sweepstakes.

The biggest and coolest thing is that it has a smart bookmark which lets you auto-fill entry forms right within your browser. I love it! It saves me so much time! All you do is click the bookmark and a dialog shows up. You choose what info you want to auto-fill and that’s it. It fills the form for you and you simply submit it!

I can highly recommend you to check it out and stop wasting your time with other directories.


Jan 26 '12

E-Cigarettes as an alternative to smoking tobacco?

I got a bunch of feedback from all you readers on the quit smoking topic. Thank you! It is fair to summarize that no mom wants to smoke while pregnant or while around their kids. But some don’t manage to get off their addiction and it really is a heavy burden to them.

Many managed to quit smoking by using patches or they simply went cold turkey once they found out that they are pregnant. One reader shared that she switched to electronic cigarettes and stated that she is still addicted to nicotine but no longer feels like she is really smoking. She said that she read a lot of reviews and that she is really convinced that electronic cigarettes are a good alternative.

So I did my own research and found this site with thousands of electronic cigarette reviews. It looks like some people are not happy with it because of taste or battery issues. But most reviews are very positive and some of the users of such smokeless devices are even ecstatic about electronic cigarettes and believe that e-cigarette saved their life!

In any case, the best thing to do is to never start smoking and then of course if you are a smoker quit smoking as soon as possible.

Jan 11 '12

Do you want to stop your nasty smoking habit?

From mom to mom: who is out there and still smokes? Write me and tell me about it. In the coming weeks I will talk about smoking and some good ways to say good bye to your stinky smoking habit.

May 29 '11

Deal: FIFA Soccer 11 for Nitendo Wii

The price for this game just dropped at Amazon to $29.95.

Play a traditional 11 versus 11 soccer match, choosing from over 500 licensed teams from over 30 leagues, and featuring licensed kits and authentic stadiums.

May 1 '11

Salt water for sore throats

A simple but very effective remedy for sore throat is gargling with salt water. Just put a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water and gargle it three times daily. The sore throat may be gone by the second day!
The salt water solution has an antibacterial effect and prevents the spread of bacteria that come with a common cold or the flu.

Mar 17 '11

We Love Pink!

For those who can’t see the beauty and love in spring and summer can easily find help with pretty pink products. Pink is a combination of red and white. Most girls I know really love pink. Their clothes, barrettes, toys, and office supplies have to be pink. While most little girls seem to love pink grown up women do too. We live in a world obsessed with the color pink. Bring some pink products into your life whenever you want.

Mar 3 '11

Obesity in Children – A Small Trampoline Helps!

Overweight in children is a serious problem. Experts say that many children who are overweight won’t survive their parent – a truly alarming statement.

A mini-trampoline is a great training device for children – particularly for obese. The advantages and benefits are:

  • It is not difficult to do.
  • It’s mild on the joints.
  • It is great for burning fat.
  • It does not require too much of your attention.
Feb 4 '11

Tips how to let your Baby sleep well

Develop and maintain nightly rituals to help your child fall asleep and even put a process in place that let’s your baby adjust to the night. You do not need a special ritual. The Favorite Teddy may do it, a warm bath or a lullaby can calm. Just try different things to find out what your child likes the most and what helps the most.